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Parker Weber involved in fatal car crash in Lubbock, Texas.

On Behalf of | May 10, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Parker Weber, 17, was involved in a fatal vehicle accident in Lubbock, Texas. According to law enforcement, the accident occurred near the 5400 block of I-27 at about 7 PM. Police believe that Weber was driving north on the highway when his car drifted across the highway median and collided with a semi-truck head-on. Weber died from the injuries he sustained in the accident, while the driver of the semi-truck, Ivelim Kahchev, received only minor injures. We wonder what could have been the reason for the accident. Was this a case of a vehicle malfunction or distracted driving? Was Weber attempting to avoid an obstacle in the road or trying to pass another vehicle on the highway?

Reports coming out of New Braunfels state that a 54-year old man died in a pedestrian-automobile accident. According to law enforcement, the accident occurred in the 4800 block of I-35 North at about 10 PM. Police believe that the pedestrian was attempting to cross the highway when he was hit by a Chrysler. The pedestrian died from his injuries while the driver of the Chrysler also sustained injuries, but only minor ones.

Our thoughts and hearts go out to the victims’ families and communities, who we imagine have been deeply affected by these accidents. We urge the utmost care when it comes not only to driving vehicles but also when one is a pedestrian. We urge both drivers and pedestrians to be careful and to look in all the necessary directions for passing vehicles.

— Article by Richard D. Weaver, a Texas personal injury attorney.


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