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Five minors seriously injured in car accident in Colony, Texas.

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Five people were injured in a car accident in Colony, Texas that culminated in a pick-up truck crashing into a house. Law enforcement believes that the accident occurred near Paige Road and Texas 121. The accident was the cause of a fight that had broken out previously in the night. There had been a party on Strickland Avenue that Cesar, Geovanni, and Jesus Rojas (all between the ages of 18 and 20) had been attending. Five people, also between the ages of 18 and 20, came to the party as well. There was an altercation between these five and the Rojas brothers. The Rojas brothers and two other friends, (19 and 20 years old) left the party in a Dodge Caliber. They stopped at a gas station when the five people that had been at the party drove up and started damaging the Dodge with a baseball bat. The five were in a pick-up truck. A chase followed, with the truck after the Dodge. The driver of the truck lost control of the vehicle and ended up crashing into a house on Crtuchberry Place. The driver of the truck, along with four other passengers, were seriously injured. They were taken to the hospital. Those in the Dodge were not injured. The residents of the house were uninjured as well.

Reports coming out of El Paso, Texas state that David Cedillo, 25, was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. Law enforcement believes that alcohol was a factor in the incident. The accident occurred at about 1 AM in the 700 block of Thorn Avenue. Police state that the motorcycle hit a curb, causing Cedillo to be thrown from the motorcycle.

— Article by Richard D. Weaver, a Texas personal injury attorney.


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