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Brian Schiffel involved in fatal head-on crash in Onalaska, Texas

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Reports coming out of Polk County, Texas state that Brian Schiffel, 27, of Montgomery, was involved in a fatal head-on collision in Onalaska. Law enforcement believes that the accident occurred on U.S. 190. Police state that Schiffel’s car, a Chevy SUV, was heading west when it crossed the center line and hit a Ford pick-up truck that was travelling east. The driver of the truck, Shawn Lee Kimes, was seriously injured. Schiffel also had a passenger, Jeanette Baba, 26, of Chapel Hill, who was also seriously injured.

Head-on collisions are not uncommon in Texas.

Wendy Denise Davis, of Macon, also was involved in a fatal head-on collision in Bibb County. Law enforcement believes that the accident happened on Guy Paine Road at about 10 PM. It is unknown exactly what the cause of the accident is. However, it is known that Davis, who was driving a Saturn SL2 hit another vehicle, a Hyundai Santa Fe, near Tech Drive. Davis died from the injuries she sustained in the accident. The driver of the Hyundai was not injured.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the victims’ families and communities. We imagine that they have been deeply saddened by these accidents. We understand that they may have many questions. What was the cause for these head-on collisions? Was there a vehicle malfunction? Was this a case of distracted driving? Did the driver fall asleep at the wheel? Was there an obstacle that the driver was attempting to avoid?

— Article by Richard D. Weaver, a Texas personal injury attorney.


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