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Multiple accidents in Cozad and Omaha Nebraska result in severe injuries.

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Anthony Hill, Regina Hill, and Dennis Alexander were killed in a two vehicle car accident in Cozad, Nebraska. Anthony Hill was driving his Jeep with his mother, Regina Hill. His grandfather, Dennis Alexander, his brother William Alexander, and Kathryn McReynolds were also in the car when he lost control of the vehicle on the highway. Reports indicate that he rolled into the median, but unfortunately made a head on collision with a Nissan Altima. Denton Tatman and Lisa Tatman the driver and passenger in the Altima were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, while as William Alexander and Kathryn McReynolds were flown to the hospital with critical injuries. The passengers in the Nissan were using seat belts unlike the passengers of the Jeep who were not. Please buckle up when you drive because seat belts can save lives. Our hearts go out to the family suffering from pain as the result of this car wreck. This accident could have probably been avoided. Experienced lawyers help families that have been injured in car accidents that result form the negligence of others.

Also, in While in Omaha, Nebraska Christopher Reger died after being in a motorcycle accident. Carl Fender Jr. was the driver of the car that came in front of Reger, which lead Reger to sustain critical injuries. Fender was not injured in this collision. Be aware of motorcyclist and share the road. Being unaware is no excuse for taking someone’s life. Attorneys often hire private investigators to assist in finding out the true reasons for car and motorcycle accidents. Police reports do not always have all the details. They rarely do. Do you have more questions?


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