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18-Wheeler Rear-Ends School Bus in Texas

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

An 18-wheeler rear-ended a Kirbyville school bus on Wednesday morning, November 5, 2014. At the time of the accident, the school bus was transporting 53 students on US Highway 96. The initial reports from the Texas Department of Public Safety (“Texas DPS”) indicated that the school bus stopped to pick up a student/passenger when the 18-wheeler collided with the left rear of the bus. Apparently, the driver of the 18-wheeler was unable to avoid the dangerous collision despite the fact that the bus driver’s proper use of the bus’ emergency lights.

Texas DPS reported that five students received treatment at a local hospital in Jasper, Texas, and another student was transported to Christus St. Elizabeth’s in Beaumont, Texas for treatment. While none of the six students’ injuries appear to be life-threatening, 18-wheelers accidents often cause debilitating injuries that continue to impact victims’ lives years later. Fortunately, the neither the bus driver nor the driver of the 18-wheeler were injured.

Texas DPS is actively investigating the accident to determine if either of the vehicle operators were violating any traffic laws at the time of the collision. Serious penalties could be involved for violated Texas laws regarding passing a school bus.


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