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What causes Toyota air bag defects and recalls?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Did you hear that Toyota Motor Corporation recalled 247,000 vehicles in the United States? The reason for the recall is due to what may be defective airbags. The air bags were made by the Takata Corporation. While the recall was made on October 20, 2014, this is not a new event for the manufacturer.  Takata Corporation has recalled over 16 million vehicles globally because of defective Takata air bags since 2008. 

Corey Burdick, in his mid-twenties, was driving his car in Eustis, Florida, when he got into a car accident. He sustained a serious eye injury. The injury was most likely the result of the air bag deployment. The lawsuit alleges “shards of metal were propelled through the air bag’s fabric and struck Corey Burdick in the eye, resulting in disfigurement, impaired vision and other severe permanent injuries.” In another case filed by Stephanie Erdman in Texas, we see similar allegations. He lawsuit stated that “shards of metal, like shrapnel, were propelled toward Stephanie Erdman…striking (her) in the face and right eye.” 

Personal injury attorneys categorize these types of cases as product liability cases. Prosecuting products liability cases are some of the more challenging of cases for attorneys. They are often very complex and require knowledgeable experts. The area of law is also unique to them. A person injury as a result of a product should contact an attorney with experience handling product liability cases.

   – Article by Richard Weaver, an attorney with product liability experience. 


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