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Children burned at Discovery Museum in Reno, Nevada

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2014 | Brain Injury |

According to reports coming out of Reno, Nevada, six children were burned in a museum explosion incident. A minor explosion occurred during a science experiment at the Discovery Museum, a children’s museum. It burned at least six children and forced the evacuation of the museum. The children’s parents may have questions about the nature of the experiment and why the children where not better protected. Why did the museum not keep the experiment at a safe distance away from the children? And why did they fail to simply avoid this type and size of experiment from being conducted around the children?

We believe that six to eight children were taken to a Reno hospital with burns shortly after the explosion about 4 p.m. Wednesday. The burns may have been minor, moderate or more severe. Regardless, a child burn injury should always be taken serious. We are just glad that the incident did not rise to a level that would have caused a brain injury

According to a fire department official, the experiment was supposed to be a routine experiment involving the simulation of a tornado that is conducted daily at the Discovery Museum. However, accidents and burn injuries should not be routine. Apparently, the museum itself did not suffer any damage. We would like to know more about the accident and the events giving rise to it.  The incident remains under investigation, but we would like to know more.

Personal injury attorneys have methods to investigate these types of incidents. We expect that the fire authorities and the Discovery Museum will conduct a proper investigation.

  – Article by Richard Weaver, a personal injury lawyer based out of Houston, Texas with an interest in national events affecting Americans.


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