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Homebuilder development will increase in the Houston, TX area.

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Home builder Toll Brothers is buying a 3,700-acre swath. Toll plans to develop the property. We suspect that Toll will build up to 1,750 homes. They may also sell thousands of additional lots to other builders starting late this year.

Hillwood Communities is the residential arm of real-estate investor H. Ross Perot Jr.’s Hillwood Development Co. Hilwood Communities sold the land for more than $21,000 an acre. What does this mean for Houston? Many home-builders have constructed hundreds of homes in Houston in the past few years. Why? Perhaps because Houston added an estimated 86,200 jobs from November 2012 to November 2014.

Houston has the hottest home-building market in the country because of job growth. The energy industry in Houston remains a powerhouse. According to this Houston real estate lawyer, there are not enough lots available in Houston to build on. The result is surging prices. It looks like development may continue to increase in the areas outside the metro area due to the lack of available lots.

Sienna South is part of the larger Sienna Plantation is an example of a  outside of the metro area. Sienna Plantation neighborhoods around Sienna South already include 7,000 homes.

It is no surprise that based on the anticipated growth, developers will continue to look at the Houston real estate market. The Houston market will continue to attract developers over the next 10 years even with the increase in prices.

Along with new development, more real estate issues arise from the perspective of the developer, contractors, buyers and sellers. Sometimes the issues relate to personal injuries on construction sites or deals gone wrong. Sometimes construction site injuries result in the wrongful death of individuals. Thus, enter a Houston real estate lawyer to either represent the developer or the family of the lost loved one.

Consider contacting a lawyer with good experience in Texas real estate law.

  – Article By Richard Weaver


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