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Harris County constables increase patrols for drunk drivers to avoid car accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2013 | Car Accidents |

In Houston, Texas, Precinct 4 constables are increasing patrols between December 28 through New Year’s Day. The intent to increase patrols is to target anyone driving while impaired. The police authorities would like to prevent drunk drivers from causing car accidents. The Harris County district attorney’s office is also involved. Driving while intoxicated car crashes often result in wrongful death accidents. Families are hurt because of the thoughtlessness of a drunk driver.

A local prosecutor has stated that by having a prosecutor, a nurse and judges will be on call to sign blood warrants if someone chooses to refuse to provide the requested sample.

Simply put, intoxicated drivers should not drink and drive. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) say that Harris County has one of the highest drunk driving death rates in the nation. Too many car accidents result from intoxicated drivers. 

Constables say drunk drivers are a problem throughout the year for families across the county. And for that reason, Precinct 4 and their deputies have begun to step it up. Why the increase patrolling? Perhaps because they had two patrol cars an one deputy injured within minutes by drunk drivers. Drunk driver cause personal injuries like brain injuries and death. Sometimes the injured victim suffers from paralysis and clearly, never the same again.

Investigators report that in November 2013 last month, an intoxicated driver crashed into a deputy constable car when she was stopped at a light on 1960 at Rayford Road. The drunk driver left the scene of the accident and officers had to follow him. Meanwhile, the constable injured was rushed to the hospital.


If you have questions about accident law related to paralysis cases because of a drunk driver or wrongful death cases, consider contacting a Texas lawyer. 

  – Article By Richard Weaver


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