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Personality change sometimes result of brain injury

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2013 | Brain Injury |

Texas residents might be interested to hear that one of the adverse effects of a brain injury is a change in personality. People are usually aware of the physical effects of traumatic brain injuries, such as dizziness, impaired memory, problems with balance and headaches. However, they are not always as aware of other changes, such as alterations in personalities. Oftentimes, only close family members, friends and survivors can discern these changes.

Changes in personality following traumatic brain injuries are issues that are becoming increasingly common in wounded soldiers. According to the Department of Defense, ever since the war in Afghanistan began in 2001, the number of traumatic brain injuries among U.S. soldiers has come to more than 260,000. The number of TBI that were diagnosed in 2011 was 198 percent higher than in 2000.

  – Article By Richard Weaver

Doctors say that the reason for changed temperaments is not easily explained since the way that the brain works is so intricate. There are no single neurological sectors for emotions. However, people’s frontal lobes have been shown to help them filter their impulsive behavior as well as plan, organize and multi-task. Consequently, doctors say that injuries to the frontal lobes can cause individuals to perform actions before they’ve thought them through.

However, doctors also reported that some people lose control of their emotions after a TBI. For example, they might experience trouble reigning in their tempers or their sense of humor might have changed. Some who were inclined to be leaders may take on more passive roles.

A brain injury may require a person to receive long-term or permanent care, which can leave a family with substantial financial obligations. If a third party was responsible for the injury, a personal injury attorney may help the injured person by filing a lawsuit to seek financial compensation for related expenses.

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