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Houston TX real estate contract indemnity of personal injury claim

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

How is Houston, Texas personal injury claims related to real estate contracts? The right kind of commercial real estate contract or residential real estate contract can protect a landlord or seller from damages resulting from a wrongful death, person injury or premise liability claim.

Many personal injuries happen on real property. Think about it. They happen at grocery stores or are the result of work place injuries. Other times they may result from a swimming pool injury or a broken stair. So, how should landlord protect themselves from a personal injury claim or a wrongful death claim? And what should a potential plaintiff look for to see if they have a claim against a land owner?

Look to the real estate contract. A Texas real estate lawyer may have put in certain provisions to help a landlord or property owner escape from liability.

Look at indemnity provisions. In these situations neither a landlord nor any mortgagee of the landlord shall be liable to a tenant or the tenant’s visitors, employees, customers, contractors, etc. for any damage to that person. Damage would arise from any act or omission or neglect of the tenant or tenant’s employees, visitors or invitees. These certain acts may result in personal injury or death. Injuries could include scaring, disfigurement, head or brain injuries, shoulder injuries and many others as a result of a real estate injury.

If you have questions about real estate law and have it affects personal injury claims, feel free to call a Texas real estate lawyer that also practices personal injury law. You can reach a Houston, Texas lawyer at 713-572-4900

  – Article By Richard Weaver


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