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Harley-Davidson Issues Mass Motorcycle Recall

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents can be devastating. Motorcycle accidents more so especially, if the accident is caused by a manufacturer’s defect. Anyone who drives a motorcycle will tell you of the dangers first hand. A motorcycle does not have the protection of the exoskeleton of a car. There is no shield between the driver and the driver’s environment. A malfunction in the motorcycle can prove fatal or end in a brain injury. In recent years, product recalls have littered the news.

Recently, Harley-Davidson issued a recall of nearly 30,000 motorcycles due to a clutch malfunction. The recall along with a “DO NOT RIDE” notice was directed to owners and to dealers. The recall was generated after it was discovered that the clutch system was defective and might malfunction in such a way that it would then make it difficult to slow down or stop the motorcycle and could cause motorcycle and car accidents. Specifically, the recall is targeted for certain Touring, Softail CVO and Trike models built sometime between May 3 and October 14 of this year. Any owners affected by this recall should contact an authorized dealer for repairs.

This is not the first time that Harley-Davidson has issued a recall of this magnitude. Many more units were affected in 2011 when Harley-Davidson recalled about 300,000 motorcycles due to brake light issues.

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  – Article By Richard Weaver


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