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Galleria Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer: Preserving Evidence

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2013 | Brain Injury |

Being involved in a Houston Galleria motorcycle accident was be a stressful and traumatic event. With so much going on and possible serious injuries about, it may be difficult to remember many things after the accident. It would not be uncommon to suffer from a head or brain injury in a motorcycle accident.

One of the best things to do is to take photographs of the accident. This is helpful in any car crash or vehicle accident. Many people do not think to take photographs because they either forget or they are in too much pain. In a recent case, one of our clients was in and out of consciousness and he was not able to take any photos. We believe that he had neck, back and a brain injury as the result of the car accident.

Taking photos is helpful in proving a motorcycle accident case at trial and also when dealing with an insurance company. Now, so many of us have cameras in our phones. Today, it is a lot easier to have the opportunity to take pictures. These pictures may help provide the injured person’s side of the story.

Here are three things to remember:

1) Keep a camera on you. Preserve the evidence. Keep a camera in your vehicle or maintain a phone with a built in camera.

2) Highlight the details. Take pictures of the scene of the accident. See if you can locate skid marks and take pictures of them. Take pictures of the injuries, bruise, broken bones, and open wounds.

3) Different angles. Take as many photos as you can from different distances.

If you need further tips on evidence related to a Houston Galleria motorcycle accident, feel free to contact a Houston, Texas lawyer at 713-572-4900.

  – Article By Richard Weaver


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