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6 Types of Texas Brain Injury Accident Specialists

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2013 | Brain Injury |

In brain injury cases, there is an array of treatment specialists essential to understanding the injury severity and rehabilitation process.

Here is a list summary and description summary of the roles:

1) Physiatrists. A physiatrist is a doctor of rehabilitation medicine. They are specialists in the diagnosis and treatments of patients with severe impairments. Sometimes these impairments result from car accidents or work related injuries.

2) Occupational Therapists. The experts use important activities as a way of preventing, reducing, or overcoming physical and emotion challenges in order to better daily living. This is helpful to those who have been injured in work related injuries in order to get them back on track to begin working again or just to better daily living.

3) Recreational Therapists. This therapist provides activities to improve and enhance self-esteem, social skills, motor skills, coordination, cognitive skill and other leisure skills.

4) Vocational Therapists. These experts test and assess an individual’s general intelligence level. They are integral in helping people that have suffered from head injuries to develop skills that can be used to obtain employment and maintain income and self-esteem. Head injuries often occur from head-on collisions, whether it is from a car accident or sports.

5) Neurologist. This doctor focuses on the medical science of the nervous system. The Houston medical center has great specialists that that help accident victims.

6) Neuropsychologist. This expert deals with the science of how brain injuries affect thinking, behavior, and emotions.

Houston, Texas has some of the best experts in these fields. This city also has some of the best lawyers. We are proud to work and live in a city with exceptional lawyers and doctors.

If you have additional questions about brain injury experts, call a Houston Lawyer. You can reach the author at 713-572-4900.

  – Article By Richard Weaver


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