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Houston Injury Lawyer lists Top 10 Stolen Cars for July 2013

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2013 | Car Accidents |

I was reading some public information that the City of Houston, Police Department put out about stolen vehicles and found the most popular stolen cars.

Apparently, for the month of July 2013, these are the most popular:

(1) Chevrolet Trucks at 190; (2) Ford Trucks at 152; (3) Dodge Trucks at 89; (4) Honda Cars at 86; (5) Chevrolet Cars at 59; (6) GMC Trucks at 53; (7) Toyota Cars at 35; (8) Ford Cars at 31; (9) Dodge Cars at 28; (10) Buick Cars at 24 along with Pontiac Cars at 24.

People are often involved in accidents with stolen cars and think that the car owner is not responsible for the accident because they were not involved. However, I would argue that in some cases they are responsible. These are cases where the car owner leaves the keys in the ignition to go inside a store or back into the house. Other time it might be because the car owner left the keys in an easily accessible place where a criminal had the opportunity to steal the car.

In cases involving stolen vehicles, we may see rear-end collision cases or cases where people are left scarred and disfigured. We are lucky that there are not as many high speed car chases as there are in the movies, because the injuries as a result the a high speed car accident could be traumatic and deadly.

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  – Article By Richard Weaver


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