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Police expect to charge woman after head-on collision

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2013 | Car Accidents |

A Texas grandmother and her two grandchildren were injured when their car was hit head-on in Port Neches. The driver of the other car is suspected to have been drunk driving. Police say that they expect to charge the woman with intoxicated assault as a result of the car accident.

The family was headed out of the Hebert Public Library in a Toyota Corolla. A woman driving a Dodge SUV crossed the center lane of Merriman hitting the Toyota head-on. The SUV continued in a westward direction and left the road on the north side. It rode through the grass next to a middle school, finally coming to rest when it hit the brick middle school sign. The driver was transported to a medical center for treatment for her injuries. The grandmother and her grandchildren were transported to nearby hospitals. All three are expected to recover from their injuries.

  – Article By Richard Weaver

Police are still investigating the accident. They are planning on taking a statement from the driver of the SUV when she is discharged from the hospital. They are also interviewing witnesses. Some time before the accident, police had been alerted by a witness who allegedly saw an SUV of the same color hit a “no parking” sign in a parking lot, drag the sign and then leave the scene.

The family that was injured in this accident might be entitled to damages. A personal injury attorney might be able to help them obtain a financial settlement. An attorney might help to prepare and file a lawsuit on their behalf. If they won damages, the money could be used to pay their medical bills and help to compensate them for their pain and suffering.

Source: Port Arthur News, “Grandmother, grandchildren recovering after head-on wreck Police expect to PN charge woman with intoxicated assault”, Mary Meaux, June 05, 2013


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