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Truck runs red light, strikes Houston bus

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2012 | Car Accidents |

This blog has written extensively about reckless bus drivers in the Houston area who have put their passengers’ safety at risk by driving recklessly. Details are still sketchy, but an accident that happened earlier today involving a Houston Metro bus may not be the driver’s fault.

The motor vehicle accident left several bus passengers injured. According to a report, at least seven people have been injured. All were taken to a local hospital. Fortunately no deaths have been reported.

  – Article By Richard Weaver

According to Metro police, a box truck was heading westbound on a feeder road next to Interstate 610 in south Houston at approximately 7:30 this morning when it collided with a bus that was traveling north on Scott Street. According to police, the truck ran a red light.

The truck was struck by the bus and several people were injured, but in this case it appears that the accident wouldn’t have happened if the truck driver was more careful. And while seven people were taken to the hospital, more injuries could reveal themselves later. Sometimes a slight sprain or a small fracture will not be noticeable right away.

And while the bus driver is likely not at fault, this seems like a good time to wonder why seat belts are not provided to most people who use public transportation in the United States. Many people use transit because they either don’t have a car or they want to save money on gas. They shouldn’t have to worry about their safety being compromised in the process.

Source: KHOU, “Several injured in Metro bus accident in southeast Houston,” July 13, 2012


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