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Three killed on dangerous stretch of road in Houston

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2012 | Car Accidents |

A dangerous stretch of road in Houston has left many local residents wondering how many more fatal car accidents will have to happen before the city does something to address the issue. Three people were killed in a three-car accident this week at the site in question.

According to reports, after a downpour of rain, a Mustang driving in the southbound 2500 block of North Eldridge Parkway, near Bear Creek Pioneers Park, was navigating a curve when it hydroplaned. The Mustang was rear-ended by a Toyota Tacoma and hit on its side by a Toyota Carolla.

  – Article By Richard Weaver

One of the victims, a 32-year-old female passenger in the Carolla, was pronounced dead at the scene. The 40-year-old woman driving the Carolla and a 40-year-old passenger in the Mustang were taken to a local hospital, where they were also pronounced dead.

The father of the Carolla passenger is speaking out, saying that he has seen too many fatal accidents on that stretch of road in the 30 years that he has lived in the area. He said that he has told people to always go under the speed limit and stay in the right-hand lane. “It’s beyond dangerous,” he said.

A spokesman for the Houston Police Department said the department has investigated many accidents on the road, but said that speed was usually a factor, and that the most recent accident was still being investigated.

The victim’s father said that he and his wife witnessed another serious accident on the road recently. He said the road can be slick even when raid isn’t falling.

Even though police contend that most accidents on the stretch of road are caused by speeding, more could be done to reduce the number of accidents. Lowering the speed limit would be a good place to start.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Relatives of traffic victim decry dangerous Houston road,” Carol Christian, June 21, 2012


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