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Another school bus accident in the Houston area

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2012 | Car Accidents |

On more than one occasion this blog has had to report on Houston-area school buses becoming involved in accidents. On one occasion the bus driver was at fault, and on another occasion the buses were hit by other drivers. But the common factor in both cases was that the children were not at fault, but their safety was the most compromised.

Most school buses don’t have seat belts, and in the accident that happened this week, it’s fortunate that all students on the Humble, Texas, school district bus were not injured in the car accident.

According to a school spokesperson, the bus was taking students from Kingwood Park High School on a field trip to Texas A&M University in Galveston when the accident happened on Interstate 45.

According to the school, there was a multi-vehicle accident, and some of the cars involved were pushed into the bus. While no students were injured in the accident, the driver had to be taken to an area hospital with a knee injury.

One of the previous bus accidents this blog reported on also involved buses with the Humble school district. Those two accidents happened less than a month ago, but the school stressed that it doesn’t appear the bus drivers were at fault in any of those accidents.

But that may be of little comfort to parents, who trust that when they put their children on the bus that they will get to their destinations safely. Perhaps it’s time for schools to take more proactive measures to ensure that children stay safer while riding on a bus.

Source: Atascocita Observer, “K-Park school bus involved in accident during field trip,” Stefanie Thomas, Feb. 16, 2012


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