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Drunk driver runs over struck pedestrian and good Samaritan

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2011 | Wrongful Death |

A man attempting to be a good Samaritan was senselessly struck by a suspected drunk driver and died a week later from his injuries, another tragic reminder of the need to stamp out drunk driving and hold people accountable for their reckless actions that can cause wrongful death.

Traffic had slowed for an accident, after a different man was hit while trying to cross the Beaumont Highway, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The good Samaritan ran over from his auto repair shop to assist, along with other people. The man was standing over the first victim when he was struck by the suspected drunk driver.

The 62-year-old woman from Houston was arrested and had her charges upgraded to intoxication manslaughter after the man died. According to police, they suspect the woman was trying to get around traffic that was slowly moving by the accident site. Two wrecker trucks had been used to block the shoulder and the lane of traffic where the first man was struck.

In addition, the woman ran over the first victim, and he died later that day. It is not known how severe his initial injuries were and if he would have survived even before he was run over. It is not known if there will be more charges or if the first driver who hit the first victim will be hit with any charges.

The good Samaritan was a father of five, and now his family is left to wonder why he was killed while trying to render aid to an injured person. Additionally, another man, who may have survived, was carelessly driven over. The estates of both men may have grounds for wrongful death lawsuits.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Driver who killed good Samaritan was drunk, officials say,” Robert Stanton, Dec. 13, 2011


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