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Recent motorcycle accidents in Texas

In recent days, there have been several motorcycle accidents on Texas roads. In the first incident, a deadly motorcycle accident occurred on U.S. 54 Saturday afternoon. It happened at about 12:08 p.m. near the access ramp that connects U.S. 54 south and I-10. Jerimia Krystecki, 24, died at the location of the crash. According to police, the rider was speeding on U.S. 54 when he lost control of his motorcycle. According to reports, he was then thrown off his motorcycle after hitting a retaining wall. Luckily, no other persons were injured in the accident. Often times such incidents lead to a wrongful death case.

Dr. Guan Zhu Involved in Head-On Cement Truck Accident

Truck accidents often have grim results. Dr. Guan Zhu, a Texas A&M professor, must be thanking his lucky stars after his recent accident. Dr. Zhu was involved in a crash with a loaded cement truck and escaped with minor injuries. 

Ford trucks that go from park to reverse?

Do Ford trucks go from park to reverse unintentionally causing a truck accident? Vehicle manufacturers know of the need to design its automatic transmission system so that an operator cannot or should not leave the vehicle in "illusory park". Automobile defects are not new to Texans or the people of the United States. Look at what happened to GM. It recently had an ignition switch recall to 2.6 million cars. Unfortunately it took the death on people for the recall. What about Ford Motor Company? What is it going to do to correct its product defect that leads to serious and almost deadly injuries?

Huge fire burns down residential construction building in Montrose area

Reports have come in that a 5-alarm fire is burning at a residential building under construction in the Montrose area. Houston firefighters responded to the blaze at around 12:30 p.m. Several fire units and emergency crews are on the scene, including nearly 200 firefighters. HFD called for a 5th alarm shortly before 1:30 p.m. People can see flames and smoke can be seen from miles away. Winds have been pretty heavy in Houston. We suspect that Houston is feeling 20-25 mph wind gusts. These winds are most likely helping to fuel the fire. As you can imagine, these windy conditions can make firefighting more difficult. Fire too creates its own wind currents. The thick black smoke could be seen from several miles away as the flames burned out of control.

3 types of nerve damage from a dog bite injury.

There are three types of nerve damage that can result from dog bite. We understand that a dog bite can be a painful and traumatic experience. The event can result with the victim feeling depressed and anxious. The personal injuries can result in long-term complications as well. Dog bites in Texas are very common. We too often hear about dog bites involving pit bulls.  We believe that there are about five million individuals who are bitten by a dog each year. What percentage is bitten by pit bulls? We would like to know. Over 350,000 of dog bite victims require the attention of a medical professional.

Huge SXSW crowd injured after car crashes in downtown Austin, killing 2

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual event that features film, interactive and music festival and brings in crowds to Austin, Texas.  Unfortunately, a recent accident event that occurred in the middle of the SXSW crowds looked liked something out of a movie. The event left two people dead and 23 more injured. The horrible pedestrian accident occurred when a vehicle and multiple people on Red River and 10th Streets in downtown Austin early Thursday morning were struck by what appeared to be a drunk driver.

Bell County, TX truck accident injures helpful woman, Maurissa Rodriguez

How many 18-wheeler accidents or truck accidents happen in Bell County, Texas? Ask a local lawyer and he may reply that one is too much. Police say there were multiple injuries reported and one woman is in critical condition from an accident involving multiple cars and an 18-wheeler near Troy in Bell County late Sunday night.

How do pedestrian accidents happen in parking lots and TX roads?

There have been more pedestrian accidents in Texas recently. In one of the latest of incidents, a retired Texas State University professor died Sunday due to serious personal injuries sustained in an auto-pedestrian accident in a San Marcos HEB parking lot. After accidents like this, the surviving spouse and children may have a wrongful death case against the negligent driver.

Recent Forney, TX truck accident. Driver error?

Truck accidents happen often. Reports around Forney, Texas have come in that there was a major accident that occurred on or around Westbound U.S. Highway 80. People traveling experienced major traffic delays during their morning commute from Spur 557 in Terrell, Texas, to Windmill Farms Boulevard. It resulted from an overnight 18-wheeler accident. Tractor-trailer accidents often result in major injuries or death. The 18-wheeler veered off the right shoulder of westbound U.S. Highway 80 just after the Windmill Farms Boulevard exit and before the overpass. A report indicates that the Arpin America tractor and trailer is connected to a moving company based out of Dallas, Texas. Why do 18-wheeler accidents happen? Often times it is because of driver error or fatigue.  

What are 3 questions to ask a Texas Motorcycle lawyer?

If you have a motorcycle injury case, you want a lawyer that that knows how to obtain results for someone else's negligence. You have a lot riding on your motorcycle accident case. As time passes after a motorcycle crash, you may become more and more aware of the physical, financial, and emotional impacts of your injuries. You probably want legal help and now you are trying to decide which Texas motorcycle accident lawyer is right for you.  You most likely need legal counsel that can help you recover fair and equitable accident damages. What lawyer do you choose?

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