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Jeremiah Ponce de Leon dies in car crash in Panola County, Texas.

Student Jeremiah Ponce de Leon was killed in a car crash on FM 1971 in Panola County, Texas. Ponce de Leon was a high school student at Carthage High School. According to law enforcement, a state trooper, Kaleb Bullock, attempted to stop the student, who was driving at a very high speed, but by the time that he caught up with him, the car had already wrecked. Ponce de Leon died from the injuries that he sustained in the accident.

Kristy Tullis dies in Joshua, Texas truck accident

Kristy Lynn Tullis of Joshua, Texas, suffered critical injuries in an accident involving a tanker truck. Law enforcement believes that the accident occurred at about 5 AM in the 7900 block of Farm-to-Market Road 1902 in Burleson. According to the police, the accident was caused by the driver of the truck, Charles Cedric Wilson.

Arlene Soto, Houston Teacher, dies is Houston car accident.

Arlene Soto, a talented Houston teacher, died in a four-car crash on the 59 near University Monday night. Soto was driving a small passenger car when the car accident occurred. She was hit from behind by a Ford F-250 pickup truck. The large truck slammed into her and propelled her vehicle into the car in front of her. This car wreck resulted in the teacher being pinned inside her crumbled car. Her family may now have a wrongful death case against the driver of the Ford Truck.

Recent motorcycle accidents in Texas

In recent days, there have been several motorcycle accidents on Texas roads. In the first incident, a deadly motorcycle accident occurred on U.S. 54 Saturday afternoon. It happened at about 12:08 p.m. near the access ramp that connects U.S. 54 south and I-10. Jerimia Krystecki, 24, died at the location of the crash. According to police, the rider was speeding on U.S. 54 when he lost control of his motorcycle. According to reports, he was then thrown off his motorcycle after hitting a retaining wall. Luckily, no other persons were injured in the accident. Often times such incidents lead to a wrongful death case.

What to do when someone files an invalid contractor's lien on Texas property.

What do you do when someone or some company places an invalid or unenforceable lien on your Texas property? This is a situation where a person is not entitled to maintain a lien on the Property. This is a situation where the Texas property owner did not engage the person or company to make repairs or improvements to the property. This is the type of case where there was never an agreement between the parties that the landowner would reimburse the person for repairs or improvements made. Just because a person suffers a personal injury on someone else's land, that does not give them the right to file a lien. Just because a tenant believes that the landowner breached a residential sales contract, does not give the tenant the right to file a lien.  

What to do after a cruise ship slip and fall accident.

You may ask: what do I do after I have been hurt in a slip and fall accident? We understand that while you intended your vacation plans to include rest, relaxation, and fun, injuries can happen. Sometimes the slip and fall incidents happen on cruise ships and other times, grocery stores.  When a slip and fall interrupts your cruise vacation, your first thought may be to return to the comfort and security of your Texas home. Keep in mind that while life may be easier in at home, there are a few things that you should do first. Taking these steps after a cruise ship vacation accident will help protect your injury claim:

3 ways to prevent a Channelview Wrongful Death Accident in TX

Imagine a scenario where one spouse wakes up before the sun rises and heads off to work at an industrial workplace in Channelview, Texas. The husband eats his breakfast on the run, rushing out the door and quickly giving his wife a kiss goodbye. Then sun has come up, but something terrible has happened. The wife receives a call that her husband has died in a work place accident in their nice town of Channelview.

Possible Wrongful Death Accident on Woodward in Houston

A potential wrongful death accident occurred on July 10, 2013 in Houston, Texas. The car accident occurred on 8200 Woodard at about 2:10 p.m. The deceased female was 22 years old. Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences investigated the identity of the woman. The officers that made the report reported that the woman who died in the car accident was driving a gray Buick Rendezvous northbound on Woodard while the driver of a blue Pontiac Bonneville was traveling eastbound on Stassen in Houston, Texas.

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