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Paid but the Seller in a For Sale by Owner won't give Deed?

Often the author receives calls from individuals complaining that they entered into a "For Sale by Owner Agreement" also known as a "Contract for Deed." The clients often state that they have paid the seller all of the money owed under the agreement but that the Seller has not or will not convey title. Sometimes the Seller becomes deceased and obtaining title becomes more of a challenge. It often requires court intervention.

People hire real estate attorneys to review closing documents.

Do you have questions about a real estate closing and looking for a San Antonio or Houston attorney? After both parties sign the sales contract, it will be delivered to the selected title company. In about 20 days, the title company issues what is known as the title commitment. The commitment is an agreement from the title company to issue a title policy based on the terms and conditions expressed in the document.

Looking for a real estate lawyer in Sugar Land, Texas?

If you are looking for a real estate lawyer in Sugar Land, Texas, hire an experiened one. This Texas Attorney wants to let you know that for real estate licensees, there are new laws. For starters, there are changes to the Real Estate Licensing Act found in Section 1101 of the Texas Occupations Code. Licensee must familiarize themselves with new titles and references. Activities requiring license changed. A license is now required for anyone dealing in options in real estate including a lease-to-purchase or buying, selling or offering to buy or sell options in real estate.

Is Westin Homes signing more real estate contracts in Houston, Texas?

The Texas housing market is dominating the nation as the most important real estate market. Of all cities, Houston, Texas is on top. Major media outlets such as Forbes and CNN named the 2014 Texas housing market as one of the top areas to invest in this year. Westin Homes, a builder of residential homes, claims to be leader of best product and interior design in Houston, Texas. We would imagine that Westin Homes is experiencing growth in their business as well. With the major rise of people moving into the Houston area, builders like Westin Homes are expected to see a rise in sales. More contracts mean more closings. However, more construction may also mean more personal injury liability and real estate contract disputes.

Taylor County real estate and oil boom may lead to more injuries.

Third Avenue Development Corp is a real estate division of Taylor Consulting Inc. Apparently, the company is adding another large piece of land to its real estate collection. The company recently announced that it has finished its due diligence for the project. This particular addition will include 10 acres near Abilene, Texas. This area is still booming with new oil and gas drilling and development. The property is located in Tye, Texas. Tye is a small community in Taylor County. The ongoing Cline shale boom has increased the population in the area along with work. A growth in people often means a growth in personal injury cases. Injury cases resulting from this type of growth comes from additional car accidents including those involving company vehicles and workplace injuries and premises liability injuries.

Update on Texas Real Estate Forms by TREC

Update on Texas Real Estate forms for use. The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) has revised new real estate forms that go into effect for mandatory use on June 1, 2014. Looking to prepare a real estate contract? The revised forms include:

What to do when someone files an invalid contractor's lien on Texas property.

What do you do when someone or some company places an invalid or unenforceable lien on your Texas property? This is a situation where a person is not entitled to maintain a lien on the Property. This is a situation where the Texas property owner did not engage the person or company to make repairs or improvements to the property. This is the type of case where there was never an agreement between the parties that the landowner would reimburse the person for repairs or improvements made. Just because a person suffers a personal injury on someone else's land, that does not give them the right to file a lien. Just because a tenant believes that the landowner breached a residential sales contract, does not give the tenant the right to file a lien.  

Texas Association of Realtors' report shows boom in Houston, TX real estate.

The Texas real estate market finished 2013 with one if its best years. There was a steady increase in sales volume and prices for single-family homes. We attribute the information to the Texas Association of Realtors' Texas Quarterly Housing Report that was recently released.

How can a TX real estate contract protect me from injury claims?

How can a Texas real estate contract protect you from personal injury claims or wrongful death claims? Well, first remember that injuries often occur on real property, especially investment property and place of employment.

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