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5 pointers when listing your home for sale by owner

Choosing between selling a home yourself or hiring an agent is a big decision. Preparation is the key in either case; however, the preparation pointers are different in each situation. When you decide to sell your home in a for sale by owner arrangement, consider these five tips to help you get ready.

Is The Oil Slump Done Hurting The Real Estate Market?

Earlier this year, the effects of the oil slump on Texas' real estate market were so pronounced that the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about housing woes in Houston. Since that time, the oil slump has continued to impact the decisions of buyers and sellers in Houston and across Texas. But that has not meant a complete stalling of the market, and sellers, buyers, leasers and lessees may still face a variety of unique legal situations involving real property.

Texas rancher tries to save illegal immigrants with water stations.

In an area near Falfurrias, Texas in Brooks County, a rancher tries to help save lives on the real property. He hopes that his efforts will help save illegal immigrants who get lost in the brush. The rancher, Lavoyger Durham, said he is tired of the loss of life on his ranch. He knows that countless illegal immigrants travel through the ranch on foot. They do so in the Texas hot weather.

Why use a Texas affidavit of heirship after a wrongful death?

When do you need an affidavit of heirship? In a real estate transaction? After a wrongful death incident? Maybe both. If a person dies without a will and the deed that would transfer title does not include joint tenancy with survivorship language, then questions may arise about who has title.  The real property remaining after the death of an individual is often referred to as "heirship property." We understand that after loosing someone in a car accident or through a wrongful death case, dealing with family affairs may be difficult. Therefore, we provide some information that may help.

Personal injury indemnity in TX commercial lease agreements

People that have been injured in workplace accidents or other types of business or premises liability accidents may have the right to seek damages or compensation for their injuries from someone. Sometimes these accidents involve fork lift or parking lot car accidents. If the injured person can seek compensation from someone or some company, who will it be? Will it be the business owner? Can it be the owner of the real property or the landlord?

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