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5 Tests for a Texas Motorcycle Accident Brain Injury Case

It is not uncommon for a brain injury to occur in a motorcycle accident case. A challenge in trying a motorcycle accident head injury case is establishing legally sufficient proof of injury and causation. A hurdle to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is properly diagnosing it and its severity. While an MRI is common protocol following head injuries, it is quite possible that early testing through MRI or CAT scans will be normal. Medical experts in Texas, especially the Houston area can help. Houston, Texas lawyers with experience in this area can help explain the connection of these evaluations to trial preparation.

5 Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

A severe tramatic brain injury (TBI) can happen with a prolonged unconscious state or coma. It can be life threatening. These incidents can occur from car or truck accidents. Experience Texas personal injury attorneys that deal with head injuries can explain the complications in a legal capicity. A doctor can explain the medical terms and further details regarding symtoms and care.

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury Accident

A person with mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) loses consciousness anywhere between a few seconds and 10 minutes. Most people turn pale and have loss of memory. They do not remember what happened shortly before or after the injury. They often experience confusion, headaches, lightheadedness, blurred vision, dizziness, tired eyes, and ringing in the ears. They also experience bad taste in the mouth, fatigue, changed sleeping patterns, and mood or behavioral changes. They may also have trouble with memory, concentration, attention or thinking.

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