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Brain Injury Archives

Jennifer Attaway died in a car accident in San Antonio, Texas

Jennifer Attaway died in a San Antonio, Texas car accident. Her injuries included brain injuries. The unfortunate incident occurred on April 20, 2016. We would anticipate that this case may result in a wrongful death lawsuit, especially once the investigation is complete.

Woman suffers head injury after hit and run crash in San Antonio

A woman is hospitalized with a head injury after a hit and run car crash in San Antonio. This unfortunate incident occurred on October 31, 2015. We would anticipate that this case may result in a personal injury lawsuit, especially if evidence shows that the driver of the car was at fault.

Child gets brain injuries in car accident with driver on cocaine

A child is now suffering from extreme head injuries after car accident in San Antonio. The horrific car accident occurred on September 23, 2015. We would predict that this case may result in a personal injury lawsuit, especially since the driver admitted to having crack cocaine in his system.

Man suffers head injury in motorcycle crash in El Paso, Texas.

Reports coming out of El Paso, Texas state that a man suffered a critical head injury in a motorcycle accident. According to law enforcement, the accident occurred at about 7:30 PM at the intersection between Trowbridge and Gateway North. Police believe that the motorcyclist ran a red light and collided with a Tahoe vehicle that was heading east. Though the motorcyclist was only slightly injured, his passenger suffered more grievous injuries. The driver of the car was not injured. Police believe that the cause of the collision was the motorcyclist running a red light at the intersection.

Children burned at Discovery Museum in Reno, Nevada

According to reports coming out of Reno, Nevada, six children were burned in a museum explosion incident. A minor explosion occurred during a science experiment at the Discovery Museum, a children's museum. It burned at least six children and forced the evacuation of the museum. The children's parents may have questions about the nature of the experiment and why the children where not better protected. Why did the museum not keep the experiment at a safe distance away from the children? And why did they fail to simply avoid this type and size of experiment from being conducted around the children?

Nancy's Bus Service involved in school bus accident in Houston

There was another unfortunate school bus accident in Houston, Texas. Several students and the school bus driver were transported to a local area hospital after the private school bus was in a vehicle accident. It occurred Tuesday morning in west Houston around 9500 Briar Forest near Tanglewilde. Luckily, the students sustained injuries. Reports say the injuries were minor and that they included scrapes, bumps and bruises. But how can they be certain. Are there neck and back injuries? Are there head injuries? Neck, back and head injuries can be serious.

How to Know if you have suffered a knee injury and need a Houston Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall injuries take victims by surprise. Often times the person is shopping at a grocery store or working on the job. The injuries happen from the storeowner or property owner's failure to pick-up the liquid on the floor.

Fort Stockton recognizes May as Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Month

Plenty of motorcyclists enjoy the open roads in Texas. You may see groups of bikers in places like Bourne and Gruene, Texas. However, too often nice joy rides lead to injury because automobile drivers file to see motorcyclists. Because of the serious injuries and deaths related to motorcycle accidents, Fort Stockton recognizes the whole month of May as "Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Month." The Fort Stockton City Council met in open session Monday night for an abbreviated session. One of the main topics of discussion included an agenda to promote motorcycle safety.

What to do after a knee injury from a slip and fall incident.

Slip and fall accidents take people by surprise. Whether you were shopping at a Houston or a San Antonio, Texas store, working, visiting a friend's house, or doing one of the many normal things on real property, a personal injury is not expected. The real property where the injury occurred may be owned or managed by a person or company that should have prevented the victim from a slip, fall, and physical pain. Yet these incidents still happen. In order to determine the extent of a potential knee injury, the injured person should first see a physician. In order to help determine liability in a premise case, turn to an experienced Texas slip and fall lawyer.

What to do after a cruise ship slip and fall accident.

You may ask: what do I do after I have been hurt in a slip and fall accident? We understand that while you intended your vacation plans to include rest, relaxation, and fun, injuries can happen. Sometimes the slip and fall incidents happen on cruise ships and other times, grocery stores.  When a slip and fall interrupts your cruise vacation, your first thought may be to return to the comfort and security of your Texas home. Keep in mind that while life may be easier in at home, there are a few things that you should do first. Taking these steps after a cruise ship vacation accident will help protect your injury claim:

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